General FAQ

Can I use the widgets on my website or blog?

YES! You can use the widgets on any public or private website. We simply ask that you do not attempt to modify the widget.

Do I need any special plugins?

No! TC2000 widgets are written in HTML5 and use iframes. Any web platform that can display HTML5 content in an iframe can use these widgets. Some blogging platforms (like wordpress) do not support iframes by default but can add the functionality with a plugin

What about non HTML5 browsers?

If HTML5 capabilities are not available, all widgets will degrade gracefully and display as best as possible for the given browser.

How about Tablets and Touch Devices (iPad, iPhone, Android)?

Our widgets have been designed to work on tablet and touch devices. The WatchList widget even uses a pseudo-native touch scroll interface to behave similar to a native list.

Are the widgets really FREE?

YES! You can use the widgets on any public or private website, blog, on your own dashboard apps or publish to any social service. We simply ask that you do not attempt to modify the widget.

Customizaton FAQ

How do I change the indicators/parameters on my charts?

We provide a set of standard chart templates to use in your widget. You can create your own chart templates to use in the widgets if you have active Gold or Platinum service. Simply save your chart template in and select it from the template list on the customize widget tab.

Can I add/remove symbols directly from my WatchList widget?

YES! If you have created a Worden account and are signed in to the website then you will be able to update the symbols directly on your Widget.

Can I update the symbols on my WatchList Widget from TC2000?

YES! If you have used a TC2000 watchlist to create your widget, the widget will always syncronize with the symbols that are displayed in TC2000.

If I edit an existing widget do I need to re-publish the code to my website, google gadget or windows gadget?

Unless you made a change to the size of the widget, you will not need to re-publish your widget code. Any changes made in the editor will automatically update on widgets that have been published to your website/blog/google/desktop gadget.

If I update my chart template in the TC2000 software will it change existing chart widgets?

No, Chart widgets copy the current chart template at the time they are created. Any changes made to your chart template in TC2000 will require to you edit your existing widget.

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